City to Change Guidelines for Public Comments

At the March 24th Board of Mayor and Alderman meeting (BOMA), our elected officials will consider an ordinance to change the guidelines for public comments that are made during BOMA meetings. The proposed ordinance which is sponsored by Steve Brown, junior alderman from Ward 4, and Hamilton Frost, senior alderman from Ward 5, follows. Ordinance 2015 - 4 would change section 4 of the Guidelines for Public Comments to state "Comments must address items on the current agenda, not individuals or personalities; personal attacks shall not be tolerated." ... read more

Sumner County Commission Appoints New Judge

On Monday March 18, 2015 the Sumner County Commission voted to appoint Mike Carter as ... read more

Hendersonville BOMA votes down changes to citizens' comments

Tuesday, March 24, the Hendersonville Board of Mayor and Alderman voted against an ordinance ... read more