Sumner County says goodbye to an Election Day tradition

Over the long history of Sumner County, election days have been marked by citizens and politicians gathering around the courthouse, or in more recent years, the Sumner County Administration building to watch as the votes were counted. Starting with chalkboards and advancing to computer printouts, the citizens watch as precincts are reported, holding their breath, anticipating the results of closely contested elections. But, sadly, as technology has progressed, this long standing tradition has faded until this year finally ended the community ... read more

Wrongful Termination suits reach settlements

Hendersonville Public Works employees Robert Cox, and Loren Perdue returned to their positions with the ... read more

Campaigning at Schools

Wednesday August 6, 2014, Everything Hendersonville received photographic evidence that Sumner Strong Schools is advocating for teachers to distribute campaign materials at Sumner County public schools. ... read more